The St. Raphael Cardiology Department is committed to responding to the cardiac needs of both you and your family and our goal is to provide you with high quality efficient medical care.
As cardiology specialists, we concentrate on the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diseases of the blood vessels.
With our combined knowledge and experience in the field of Cardiology, we work together as a team to provide you with high quality and continuous medical care.

At least one of our cardiologists is on-call and available 24 hours a day to offer you emergency assistance.

The following are some of our routine tests and examinations that are performed:

History of Illness

The cardiac evaluation begins with the patient being interviewed by the physician to obtain a detailed history of his or her illness.

Physical Examination

During this phase of the cardiac evaluation, the patient is examined by the physician.


This test uses ultrasound to examine the heart chambers, valves and the lining of the heart.

ECG or Eletrocardiogram

The ECG provides important information about the presence of coronary artery disease, heart rhythm and other cardiac issues.

Stress Test

The patient walks on a treadmill while the blood pressure and ECG are monitored. It evaluates the heart’s response to excercise and helps uncover problems such as coronary blockages and heart rhythm abnormalities.

Holter Monitor

This is a 24 hour recording of the patient’s ECG. It is used to diagnose the cause of symptoms such as black-outs, dizziness, irregular heart beats and coronary artery spasm.