Your Surgery

If you have been told you need surgery, the physicians at St. Raphael Private Hospital can help. Our team of expert surgeons have access to the latest research and most advanced technology.

From the most complex surgery to simple outpatient procedures, our surgeons offer the latest advances in care for adults and children. St. Raphael surgeons work closely with other acclaimed specialists to provide personalized treatment and ensure that surgery is the best option.

What to Expect When You Arrive at St. Raphael Private Hospital

Your Initial General Surgery Consultation:
Before your surgery, you will meet with the physician to share your medical history. At this meeting, the surgeon will also examine you and evaluate your case for surgery. The surgeon will describe possible options, tell you about what you can expect during surgery and during recovery and review the risks and benefits of the surgery.

Prior to Your Surgery:
The physician’s office staff will work with you to set up the best time for your surgery. They will give instructions on where to arrive the morning of surgery, what you can and cannot eat or drink, what to bring with you, and any other pre-surgical instructions. If needed, They will also schedule pre-surgery lab tests, such as blood work.

Your Surgery:
On the day of surgery,you will meet with a nurse who will help prepare you for surgery and escort you to the operating room. After your surgery, you will be moved into a recovery area, where you will remain for servral hours until you are ready to be discharged home or transferred to an inpatient bed.There is a comfortable waiting area for your family and friends to use while you are in surgery and recovery.

Your Inpatient Stay:

Your physician will let you know during your initial surgery consultation whether or not an inpatient stay following your surgery is likely. In the event that you will need to stay overnight, the nursing staff on the inpatient floor will do everything they can to monitor your recovery and assist you in returning to health.

Your Follow-Up Visit:

Your physician typically likes to see you back in the office 1-2 weeks after surgery to remove any stitches and check on your progress and an appointment will be made before you leave the hospital.