Physiotherapy Centre

A new Physiotherapy / Rehabilitation Department, provides full therapy services for inpatients and outpatients. This purpose built Physiotherapy Centre, equipped with state of the art machines and equipment, complies with the highest European specifications in its field. The physiotherapists provide a wide variety of therapeutic services in accordance with the standards of physiotherapy practice from the Cyprus Physiotherapy Association.

Pre-Natal Programs

The St. Raphael Private Hospital Physiotherapy Centre  offers special pre-natal programmes for childbirth preparation as well as special exercise programmes for restoration of the body after childbirth with the use of ultramodern exercise equipment.

General Excercise programme for pregnant women:
– Cardiovascular Exercises
– Strengthening Exercises
– Flexibility Exercises
– Floor Exercises

Special excercise programmes for childbirth:

– Breathing exercises for childbirth
– Relaxation
– Pelvic Floor Contractions – Kegel

Besides the special exercise sessions for pregnant women the Physiotherapy Centre also offers:

– Massage for pregnant women (Aromatherapy, Swedish etc.)
– Special body care products for pregnant women (oils, creams etc.)
– Various special aids for pregnant women at special prices: orthopaedic pillows, belts, special tights etc.
– A special booklet will be offered to all expectant mothers with all the relevant information concerning the services the hospital can offer them at the beginning of pregnancy

Sports Therapy

St. Raphael Orthopaedic Sports Therapy specializes in the care and rehabilitation of Orthopaedic and sports-related injuries. Each patient is prescribed a customized treatment program which is based upon
the results of a comprehensive biomechanical evaluation performed by licensed physical therapists. This enables us to treat the source of the problem instead of the symptoms, which helps ensure that the risk of recurrence is greatly minimized.

Our goal is to promote a rapid return to full functional activities, emphasizing the restoration of normal mechanics and motor control. The patient assumes an active role in their rehabilitation as we teach patients how to care for and maintain their health and their injuries.

Some of the conditions we commonly see are:

sports injuries
ligament tears
rotator cuff injuries
knee pain
tendon ruptures
shoulder pain
tennis elbow
overuse syndromes
postural malalignment
ankle sprains
muscle pulls
post-surgical rehabilitation
neck and low back pain
heel spurs

Rehabilitation Services

The St. Raphael Physiotheraphy Centre also provides rehabilitation services for post-op patients and other patients that require rehabilitation. Rehabilitation involves restoring optimal function to patients with injuries to bones, muscles, tissues and the nervous system.

The process involves enabling disabled patient to reach and maintain their optimal physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological and social functional levels. Rehabilitation provides disabled people with the tools they need to attain independence and self-determination.