Radiology Unit

St. Raphael Private Hospital Radiology Department  provides the latest technology that makes it the most high-tech Radiology Unit in the Larnaca and Famagusta area.

The use of the latest radiology technology by our specialized and trained personnel warrants accurate and quick results. The radiology department, located within the hospital provides 24 hour service. By the use of image digitalizers we can instantly transfer and recreate the images in every department or doctor’s office.

Technical Specifications:

The quality and the settings of the high-tech radiological tube manufactured by Phillips ensures that the radiological investigations will be executed with the least x-ray dose needed.

X-ray Investigations:

– Regular radiographies
– Special views (ENT, Orthopaedics, Paediatric)

Ultrasound Investigations:

Our ultrasound device, last generation Philips HD11 XE is supported by powerful software.

– Regular ultrasound investigations (kidneys, liver, biliary)
– Triplex of arteries and veins, athromatosis test (carotid, peripheral vessels)
– Musculoskeletal
– Thyroid
– Uterus ultrasound and adnexa
– Transrectal prostate ultrasound using thin probe
– Paediatrics using appropriate pediatric probe (neonatal brain, gastro esophageal reflux, abdominal, hip)

Mammography Investigations:

The Mammograph manufactured by Hologic(USA) uses low dose radiation.
Application of digital technology expands the diagnostic value and provides the advantage of digital filling of the investigations.

– Screening mammographies
– Diagnosting mammographies
– Biopsies

Osteoporosis investigations :

Osteoporosis Department equipped with Explorer bone densitometer manufactured by Hologic(USA) using the DEXA method. Digital filling enables long-term follow up of patients.

CT Investigations:

Our multislice CT scanner PICKER using Philips software has the ability of volumetric investigations and 1 mm thick sections with high resolution.